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Poetry & More

The random thoughts, ideas, emotions, and more find their way through my words, which somehow sculpt themselves into poetry, or maybe not. But, whatever, they are, they come directly from my soul. So, here I am sharing a piece of my heart with the world. Finally, coming out as an artist too.


Nothing, absolutely nothing is valuable. Any person, an idea or a material, inherently does not have any value in itself. It is us, that gives meaning and value to them. Imagine if diamonds were abundant on Earth and copper was found rarely. We would then have valued copper more than Diamonds. It is the rarity of something that defines its value. On the same lines, in the metaphysical world, those ideas, emotions and thoughts gain value that we want to value. Inherently, they are powerless, entirely. You want to value love, you will self love. You want to value kindness, you will be kind. You want to value doubt, doubt will gain life. Finally, it is upto us, what we value, what we water in our lives. Value good, Value you, Value value!

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